I’m an intense gifter. I take the art of gifting very seriously, and I relish in the act of gift-giving. It’s one of the reasons why Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! I just love trying to figure out what my friends and family have been itching to own and buying them that something special that they haven’t been able to (or haven’t thought of) getting for themselves. It’s a year-long endeavor for me…whenever I hear someone say, “Oh! I really like/need/want that!” I always try to make a note of if on my phone or mentally so that I can use that later on and surprise them with it! Sometimes there’s nothing on my list at the end of the year, however, and that’s when I rely on gift guides. Some of my favorite bloggers have the very best gift guides and I’ve come to rely on them every year for birthday gifts, hostess gifts, Christmas gifts, or whatever special occasion requires a little something special! This is my first attempt at a gift guide and I hope it’s helpful to someone out there! I’ll be following up with a gift guide for the fellas and for babies too (which will be the most fun!). But for now, here’s what’s on my wishlist this year and also what I’ll be gifting to some of my favorite ladies out there.



Alissa Bell
Alissa Bell Notebook, $28
Mejuri Zodiac Necklace, $79



Aritzia Lance Cardigan, $168
Birdies Starling Slipper, $140
Sezane Eduardo Jumper, $120
Vitruvi Diffuser, $119 (but check out their Black Friday sale!)
Lunya Restore Romper, $168
GUEST_68a17c7e-dc44-4cd3-b76b-d1ee2e756523 (1)
Homebody, $24
SeaVees, $62.40 
Comfiest PJs on the planet, Target, $20
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