Big Sur Anniversary

Most parents will frequently use the phrase, they grow so fast, or the days are long the years are short, but for us it hasn’t felt like time is flying at all. Those newborn days actually seem like a distant memory, a time long, long ago that we’d sooner like to forget. These last few months have been jam-packed with new discoveries (both baby and us) and adventures, it’s truly been a joy to watch this tiny human grow, and we’re soaking in every minute of it. I feel like she condensed all the horrific baby-ness into those first three months, and now we’re just getting to enjoy her happiness! The last month has ushered in lots of new and exciting changes—a new tooth (finally!), some exploratory standing and even a couple of steps (eep!), and tons of baby sounds that are this close to sounding like actual words. C’s favorite pass-time is standing in front of the mirror chatting with the other baby that lives in there (we call her Katie Maurice), and she still loves flipping the pages of all her books and will do this with each and every book she owns for hours on end. She’s moved up from her six month clothes and is solidly filling out the nine month (and even some 12 month) sizes. Oh, and she finally figured out how to move backward and forward in her walker so there’s lots of moving (and some crashing) going on all over our tiny place. It is somewhat frightening that she’ll be a year old in just two months, but we’ve had such an incredible journey along the way that it doesn’t seem like it whizzed by.  We’re looking forward to the next two months because this little one learns and grows day-to-day and we’re loving it more and more each day!

Eating. So, little C is finally starting to get picky about what she eats. Up until now if there was something on a plate or on her spoon she would open wide and gobble it up. But alas, those magic days are gone. We’re still having success with our Raised Real meals, most of the time, and they are my primary go-to for her meals. I’ve just had to sprinkle in a few other options to keep her happy. And sometimes, I just add a little cereal to her milk at night and don’t stress over how much dinner she ate. The magic about this age is that she’s still getting all her key nutrients from her formula, so I don’t have to worry too much about what she’s eating. We’ve also introduced milk into her diet so she’ll occasionally drink a bottle of regular, whole milk and she seems to really like it. She’s definitely smack in the middle of teething so this may also be the reason why her appetite has been spotty, so we’re making sure to give her lots of good things to munch on. So far these are her favorite for eating and this is her favorite for chewing.

Big Sur Anniversary

Playing. Books are still the main ticket over here in terms of entertainment, especially this one and this one, but C is liking her walker more and more these days and we’ve got our tried and true toys that she still plays with daily. We try to limit how many toys she plays with at once because a) mom can’t handle the mess and b) we find if she has too many things to play with she gets overstimulated and just walks away to play with the dog bowl or chat with Katie Maurice in the mirror. Ultimately, we just try to keep it simple and give her things that she’s interested in, like this and this, but not bombard her with every single item she owns all at once. Also, taking things out of baskets is high on the baby-love list right now. We have this one and this one filled with toys that she can take out and dump back in whenever she gets the itch.

Big Sur Anniversary

Wearing. It’s finally getting chilly here so we’ve had to transition from cute summer dresses and rompers to leggings, pants, long-sleeved tops, and hats. I like to have outfits that she can wear (and tear) daily at daycare and home, and nicer outfits that I only use when we go out to places. For the everyday group we count mainly on the Gap, H&M, and Carter. These are a few of my favorite pieces: these in all the colors; these because space is cool, and then this and this and this for pizazz. For the nicer options we like to shop small and support handmade, ethically-made pieces. Last month I took advantage of a sale at Jamie Kay and stocked up on these: this one, this one, and die this one. I love everything Jamie Kay does and everything we’ve bought has lasted twice as long as the size estimate and comes out of the wash looking like new. I also bought some knitwear and other cozies from Zara this month (my first time baby shopping there) and I love everything we bought: this and this sweater, this and this pant, and these leggings. And finally you need this and this from H&M because hipster-baby-cuteness.

If you have any questions on what we’re doing, or suggestions you’d like to share from what you’re doing with your little, we’d love to hear them below! Cheers!

Photos by the spectacular Abigail Jean Photography.

What we’re wearing:
Baby: Jamie Kay Cardigan/Bay Bay Boutique Dress & Bloomers/H&M Headband & tights
Mom: Free People Dress/Made by Mary necklace
Dad: Bonobos shirt & pants/Danner Boots

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