This past weekend we packed a few toys and invited some of our best girlfriends to enjoy a picnic and fun photo shoot at the beach. Thanks to one of our dearest friends, we found this epic little beach nook in Carmel. It’s got a perfect wind block in the form of rocky cliffs and these amazing hand-built driftwood teepee structures all up and down the beach. We had too much fun playing “house” with the girls and enjoying the open space (and time spent outside of the house!).

Just this summer we bought a few beach toys that we keep in the car just for trips like these. We’ve used them a few times so far and we’re really enjoying this set. I’ve also got these sets and this extra bucket on our wishlist, but they seem to be sold out everywhere! We hope you’re enjoying this summer, despite all the madness and chaos surrounding us all.

Posted by:theburrierannex

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