Cassy in Carmel

I’ve been meaning to start this series for a long time, so here it is finally! Fall in Monterey is a tricky time of year because the weather is completely whacky. Mornings can be as cold as 39 degrees and afternoons can jump up to 80 degrees…how is a girl supposed to know what to wear?! Ever since I moved to Monterey and learned how to dress for actual cold weather (remember I’m from Miami, so 39 degrees is FRIGID, people), I’ve become a huge fan of layering. It’s not just a cute fashion statement here, it’s a necessity. I feel like an onion most days, slowly peeling the layers off as the day goes on (and then putting them back on as the sun goes down). It’s the same thing with Baby’s clothes too! And there’s really nothing cuter than a toddler in a button-down and a cardigan.

So here are some key pieces that we’ve been sporting this fall, most of which I’ve posted all over our Instagram feed! The key to my wardrobe these days is mixing–lots of mixing, especially when it comes to those investment pieces. I always like to support small businesses and ethically-made clothing, but if I am being honest, with an extra human to dress, it’s not easy to splurge on those pieces anymore. So I’ve become more purposeful about the things that I buy, sprinkling some “fast fashion” in with the good stuff, and also some second-hand pieces (more on that next month!) that are probably the most sustainable of all!

With each of these outfits, I’ll also give some details about the fit, feel, and value of what I’m wearing so that there’s a little more substance behind the shopping! As I get better at this, I’ll also try and make these more accessible directly from my feed, but you can always come back here for more details. So without further ado, let the fall wardrobe bonanza begin!

Cassy in CarmelCassy in CarmelCassy in Carmel

First up, the tried and true pieces. I’ve had this Banana Republic t-shirt and J. Crew cardigan for two years now and I still have them on heavy rotation when the weather starts to chill out. The BR t-shirt is on super sale right now, although the black is no longer available! The J.Crew cardigan blazer (seriously, best invention ever) is one of my all-time faves, and I definitely didn’t pay full-price for this puppy. I got it on super sale, which they’re actually having right now (40% off…ruuuuun!). This is one of those splurge pieces that are worth paying for after you’ve worn the thing for the umpteenth time (and it still looks great!). I sized up here to get a more over-sized look. I’m usually an extra small in J.Crew tops, but this one is a small.  The jeans are a new addition to my wardrobe, and I’ve got to say I was equal parts surprised and delighted to find a cheap pair of jeans that fit so well! Thanks, Old Navy! They’re definitely not as soft/snuggly as my other favorites, but those “secret slimming pockets” are super flattering, wherever they are. I got a size four in these because I always buy the bigger (comfier) size at the store and end up stretching them out and have saggy, diaper butt once they’re worn in. These definitely run a bit smaller than other brands (like DSTLD and Gap) so I would size up if you’re ordering online. Don’t ask me about the shoes, they’re old Target finds and I just dug them out of the way, way back of the closet where they had fallen behind my wedding dress.

The tiny person’s foxy ensemble is head-to-toe Old Navy. And because mom forgot all her other outfits on the bed at home just before our photo shoot, this is all you get for this edition. But I’ve got to thank Old Navy again for these cute baby Birkenstock knock-offs because the kid wore them all summer. And of course, she’s got to have that bow because accessories are so key in every season. We always like to shop small with our accessories!

Cassy in CarmelCassy in Carmel

These are definitely my more splurgey pieces of the bunch. I’m all about a good t-shirt, and when I saw that one of my favorite designers, Emerson Fry, had a line of these, I knew I had to have one STAT! This t-shirt is like butter all over, and it looks fancy too…plus bonus points for being on trend with the animal print! Bam! I bought a size medium for a more over-sized look, and also because I always buy my t-shirts too small and I have this weird thing where I don’t like shirts to touch my armpits (I know, I know, quit the judging, McJudgey Pants), so then I never end up wearing them! Also, in my experience, Emerson Fry tends to run a tiny bit small so I went on the safe side and the medium is absolute perfection. I’ve literally worn this shirt over 20 times since I bought it last month! #slowfashion

Now, the Anthropologie shawl/cardigan. I got it at an Anthro perks sale (hooray for those perks doe!), and although I love the look. LOVE IT. I’ve got to admit that I’m a sissy when it comes to anything that’s even remotely itchy on my skin. And this piece is, unfortunately, a tad on the itchy side. But, despite that (nobody’s perfect) I love how it looks so much that I just suck it up and wear it because. Fashion. Also, I’m pumped about wearing it with long sleeves in the cooler weather, which resolves the itch factor. So if your skin is sensitive and you can only have soft baby lambs brushing up against it, then I wouldn’t recommend this top. If you’re indifferent to lamb butts or sandpaper, and you just want to look cute, this top is your gal. Jeans? Old Navy for the win, y’all! Yeet yeet!

Cassy in CarmelCassy in CarmelCassy in Carmel

Next up, green. Green is the it-girl this season, I’m telling you! The richer, the deeper, the darker–the better! When I saw this sweater I just hit buy, and that was that. Not a second thought. And I have to tell you that when I pulled it out of the box, I fell in love at first sight. And then the back button flew right out of my eager little salad fingers and my heart sank. I don’t know what it is with J.Crew and these tiny neck-buttons in the back of most of their tops? So I had to sadly return this guy, but the feel, the fit, the color were all above and beyond in my book so this guy gets an A+. I may even try to get the gray version (the green is, gasp, sold out). My necklace is old J.Crew factory and if you really, really like it I’ll try and look it up for you. And the same with the shoes; they are an old (and very wise) Nordstrom sale buy. If you love ’em, I’ll find ’em! Jeans? You guessed it, Old Navy!

Cassy in Carmel

Last, but not least, the flowy dress. Every girl needs a white, flowy dress to get her through the summer. And in Monterey, said dress must usually be accompanied by some kind of layer, which depends on the season. I’ve also worn this dress with a navy blazer for a more structured look. But here I was going for that frumpy chic look, and I think it works, no? This dress was also available in black and I slap myself every time I think about not buying it. Maybe J.Crew will have mercy on us one day and bring these back.

Alright, kids, this post ended up being way longer than I originally expected, but there you have it. Fall fashion! Stay tuned for more of these posts in the future, and if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email, comment, call, carrier-pigeon, or all of the above!

Happy shopping!


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