Our first photo shoot as a family was with the loveliest Leslie Tresher. I didn’t get our lives together in time to have a newborn photo shoot so Ceci was a solid three months old when we got around to this. We drove up to Santa Cruz and visited one of our favorite shops, Stripe, and then kept going to Davenport for the shoot. The beaches here are more than stunning and the golden hour is a spectacular sight.

IMG_0244IMG_0332 (1)IMG_0342 (1)

We booked a mini session with Leslie, which was ideal seeing as the little goober didn’t nap in the car like I had expected, and had also suddenly (and without reason) totally wigged out after her bottle at Stripe. You can definitely see how grumpy she was in most of the pictures, although there were some fun shots towards the end when the overtired delirium kicked in! Hooray for cranky times!


I still have some residual PTSD about those early new born days (can you tell?) and am happy to be well beyond that stage and enjoying the well-formed, joyful baby that’s currently on the menu. Despite our harrowing first months, these pictures will forever be my favorites and I’m looking forward to our next shoot with Leslie!

Total side note for all you expecting mamas. Le Tote saved my ever-expanding bottom (and top!) with their fantastic monthly subscription boxes. I wore the clothes until they didn’t fit anymore and then just traded them in for some new duds! You also have the option to keep whatever pieces you really, really like and they have great discounts and sales too. (Not sponsored, just me).


What we’re wearing:
Mama/Le Tote top/Abercrombie skinny jeans/Buddha Girl bracelets
Baby/Baby Bling bow/Wren and James dress
Papa/JCrew Factory top and shorts



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